Dirty Red
Vickie M. Stringer

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Narrated By: iiKane

Duration: 7 hours and 31 minutes

What to expect

From Vickie Stringer, the “queen of urban fiction” (Publishers Weekly), comes a scorching tale of love, lies, loss, and the indomitable spirit of a woman scorned.

Mischievous and manipulative, eighteen-year-old Red is an expert at deception with a provocative femininity. She employs her dirty ways—even faking a pregnancy with her boyfriend—to win a closetful of Gucci bags, a deluxe condominium full of baby accessories, a new car, and a book deal. But when one of Red’s scams backfires and she winds up truly pregnant by her inmate ex-boyfriend, Bacon, she finds herself in more trouble than she’s ever known.

The drama truly unravels when Red’s picture-perfect cons fall apart due to—surprisingly—the power of love.


Fiction: general and literary, ‘Street’ fiction, Romance

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“Gritty, gripping…Readers will agree that Stringer, known as the queen of street literature, has earned her crown once more.”

Tampa Tribune

“What’s so dirty about Red? The list ranges from the schemes she plays on her friends to the way she takes advantage of every man she seduces…[When] Red sees the error of her ways, it may be too late…Recommended for libraries where urban and contemporary African American fiction is in demand.”

Library Journal

“A calculatedly nasty yet redemptive tale of a ruthless woman…Stringer keeps readers riveted with graphic sex, dangerous characters, profanity-spiked dialogue, and nonstop trouble. Stringer’s savvy street thriller has obvious appeal.”