Art of Body Talk
Gregory Hartley, Maryann Karinch

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Narrated By: Marguerite Gavin

Duration: 8 hours and 30 minutes

What to expect

Yes, you can read anyone like a book!

Reading body language is a gateway to understanding why people act the way they do. It’s not just a matter of understanding their true emotions but also of identifying their true motivation.

In The Art of Body Talk, the authors share their highly successful READ (Review, Evaluate, Analyze, Decide) system of understanding body language, but with an exciting twist: they give you the skills to use READ to see what’s behind those eye movements, gestures, and twitches, the skills to go inside the head of your source! Why stop at “what” when reading body language? The Art of Body Talk shows you how to

go all the way to “why”―the driving force behind the actions;discover how to get past your filters so you aren’t tricked by your own misperceptions; andlearn how to apply the skills in business and in your personal life.

The Art of Body Talk gives you the fastest, most efficient method to read anyone’s body language. You will easily be able to perceive the emotions and spot the messages people are really sending―whether they know it or not (and whether they want to or not!).


Self-help, personal development and practical advice

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