Matthew Mather, Lucas Bale

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Narrated By: Keith Szarabajka

Duration: 9 hours and 23 minutes

What to expect

The fight for the future of humanity begins …

Jessica Rollins has made it to safety inside the Sanctuary system with the help of Ufuk Erdogmus, but is her mysterious savior really who he says he is? What secrets does he hide? And how is he connected to Dr. Muller?

Jess doesn’t have much time to ponder these questions, as soon she is fighting again for her life …


Science fiction, Science fiction, Adventure fiction

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“Mather is paving the road ahead and leaving phenomenal tales in his wake.”

Wes Davies, author of The Runner, on CyberStorm

CyberStorm is such a page turner. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next!”