Sales Success for the Rookie
Steve Lentini

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Narrated By: Steve Lentini

Duration: 3 hours and 50 minutes

What to expect

From an author, entrepreneur, and businessman with forty years’ experience in sales and management comes a book full of sales advice, inspirational tips, success stories, and a proven system to follow for sales success.

This book is geared specifically to those new to the field of sales to help you become personally accountable for what you create in sales—and in life—right from the get-go.


Sales and marketing management, Personnel and human resources management, Entrepreneurship

Listen to a sample

“Being a student of Steve has dramatically helped me to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually. In addition, Steve has helped me to transform my thinking, which in turn has produced many positive changes in my life. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who is looking to achieve higher levels of success in their sales or in their life.”

Dave Gilman, president of Cognito, praise for the author

“Steve challenged and guided our team of successful sales professional to pursue our new product category using innovative techniques and selling ‘outside the box.’ The result…we had a customer on board within six months that purchased over 750K and a significant and profitable 1.2 million overall in less than one year.”