Finding Your Moxie
Debra Fox

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Narrated By: Debra Fox

Duration: 4 hours and 55 minutes

What to expect

If you’re like most modern women, you feel beat down by and fed up with the ads, marketing, and well-meaning people promoting the message of musts. “You must have the perfect body, make lots of money, and have a college degree. Must, must, must!

Debra Fox’s Finding Your Moxie is a refreshing eye-opener for women trying to thrive in life but struggling to keep up with the myths, lies, and half-truths surrounding success that women have to face head-on every day.

Success, happiness, and fulfillment in life does not result from a checklist—it’s a result of moxie: courage, spirit, energy, know-how, confidence, fearlessness, gumption, and guts! If you have moxie, you won’t let minor setbacks stop you. You won’t give up.

Debra’s book gives you a witty, straight-forward look at your own life. Debra has lived it all―and tells it all through her own experience battling these myths with her inner moxie. She’s the coach in your corner that you’ve always wanted—and needed. Finding Your Moxie will help you bust through those myths by teaching you

why success does not come to those who wait;how to set or reset your life GPS;how to invest your time where you’re appreciated, not tolerated;how to have healthy conflict and resolution; andhow college and knowledge are not the same thing.

Debra’s story will show you step-by-step how to develop the moxie it takes to overcome the modern-day myths and stand up for yourself. This is real stuff—real life, really lived! So learn how to stop playing by everyone else’s rules, and write your own success story!


Advice on careers and achieving success, Business and Management, Gender studies: women and girls

Listen to a sample

“When faced with the tough situations of life, Debra Fox has the amazing ability to say and do what most people wished they’d said or done―with dignity! Finding Your Moxie is a must have for anyone who is desiring to kick life’s myths and lies to the curb. Not only will Debra dust you off and get you back up on your feet, she’ll inspire you to live your life to the fullest.”

Dawn Jones, author of Top 7 Personality Challenges

“As a residual income expert, successful network marketer, and former elite trainer for over a decade with Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad’ education program, I find that in her new book, Finding Your Moxie Debra Fox could not be more spot on! After reading the chapter “College and Knowledge Are Not the Same Thing,” I am even more confident that the message is timely, insightful, factual and powerful.”

Tracie Taylor, entrepreneur and motivational speaker

“This terrific read actually provides new and valuable insights. I hope it inspires people to think outside the box and make a positive impact in the world around them.”

Stacy Bandock, Miss Rodeo America business manager, 2015

Finding Your Moxie is a complete eye-opener! Debra teaches you to stop playing by everyone else’s rules and become your own success story.”