God Is in the House
Virginia Foxx

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Narrated By: various narrators, Elijah Alexander, Traber Burns, Dawn Harvey, Karen White, Michael Kramer, John McLain, Mirron Willis, Nick Sullivan, Lloyd James, Donald Corren, Thom Rivera, John Pruden, Jim Denison, Mark Bramhall, Ray Chase, George Newbern, Joe Barrett, Pam Ward, Dan Woren

Duration: 4 hours and 12 minutes

What to expect

An inspired and original compilation for the 2016 election year, God Is in the House is a collection of essays by members of Congress who reflect on their deep faith and how it guides them as legislators.

Compiled by Representative Virginia Foxx, who personally asked for contributions from congressional colleagues and coworkers, God Is in the House features essays from eighteen members of Congress from both political parties, representing eleven faiths and denominations.


Religion and beliefs, Political parties and party platforms

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“An inspiring look at faith and politics. A worthy read.”

John Boehner

“Foxx pulls back the curtain on Capitol Hill Bible studies and prayer groups, revealing a surprising bipartisan unity when it comes to nurturing one’s faith life in the midst of often corrosive politics.”