Kristy Acevedo

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Narrated By: Erin Spencer

Duration: 9 hours and 58 minutes

What to expect

The holograms lied to everyone on Earth, and only Alexandra Lucas knows the truth. Now she’s trapped in the year 2359 without family or friends—and worse, without her anxiety medication.

Alex attempts to reconcile the marvelous scenery, technological advances, and luxurious living with the knowledge that the holograms weren’t being completely honest. What else are they lying about? With a secret that could shatter her society, Alex tries to find her place among strangers, convicts, and a rebellion striving to bring the holograms down. Alex struggles to find the best way to reveal the truth and reunite with those she loves. But when surrounded by beauty and every convenience, Alex wonders if truth becomes irrelevant in a perfect world.


Children’s / Teenage fiction: Science fiction, Children’s / Teenage fiction: General fiction, Children’s / Teenage personal and social topics: Disability, impairments and special needs

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“An absolute mind bender…Acevedo inserts pithy observations about the world and individuals’ responsibilities to community.”

School Library Journal

“Feisty narrator Alex engages readers from the first page…It is Alex’s strength, sense of humor, and vulnerability that make this read compelling.”