One Man's Meat
E. B. White

Book cover image

Narrated By: Malcolm Hillgartner

Duration: 11 hours and 48 minutes

What to expect

In print for over fifty years, One Man’s Meat continues to delight readers with E. B. White’s witty, succinct observations on daily life at a Maine saltwater farm.

Too personal for an almanac, too sophisticated for a domestic history, and too funny and self-doubting for a literary journal, One Man’s Meat can best be described as a primer of a countryman’s lessons and a timeless recounting of experience that will never go out of style.


Literature: history and criticism

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“Imagine narrator Malcolm Hillgartner sitting by a fire, pipe in hand and dogs at his feet, addressing a ‘gentle reader.’ There’s a quaintness to this audio collection from the late E. B. White…Hillgartner chose wisely: A fast-paced, contemporized narration would have undermined the writing…[in this] authentically preserved time capsule.”


“Modest in its size and presumptions, engaging in tone.”

New York Times Book Review

“Great writing like White’s is timeless—a description that also fits Maine.”

Maine Sunday Telegram

“This remarkable body of writing stands today, after half a century, as one of the greatest books ever written.”


“It is a lively record of an active inquiring mind, whose sense of the ridiculous in no way impairs his appreciation of the life he lives and the people he knows…Half-farmer, half literary—he contemplates the world around him.”