Prague Orgy
Philip Roth

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Narrated By: Malcolm Hillgartner

Duration: 2 hours and 17 minutes

What to expect

In quest of the unpublished manuscript of a martyred Yiddish writer, the American novelist Nathan Zuckerman travels to Soviet-occupied Prague in the mid-1970s. There, in a nation straightjacketed by totalitarian Communism, he discovers a literary predicament, marked by institutionalized oppression, that is rather different from his own. He also discovers, among the oppressed writers with whom he quickly becomes embroiled in a series of bizarre and poignant adventures, an appealingly perverse kind of heroism.

The Prague Orgy, consisting of entries from protagonist Nathan Zuckerman’s notebooks recording his sojourn among these outcast artists, completes the Nathan Zuckerman series. It provides a startling ending to Roth’s intricately designed magnum opus on the unforeseen consequences of art.


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“This fitting capstone to Roth’s Zuckerman trilogy proves that no one now writing can be funnier and more passionately serious than Philip Roth.”


“Obscenely outrageous and yet brilliantly reflective of a paranoid reality that has become universal. It is the best of Roth, a kind of coda to all his fiction so far.”

New York Times Book Review

“One of Roth’s most brilliant (and funniest) works…A lithe comic masterpiece.”