Doctrine of Election
Arthur W. Pink

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Narrated By: Andrew Reilly

Duration: 9 hours and 20 minutes

What to expect

The grand truth of election takes us back to the beginning of all things. It predated the entrance of sin into the world, the fall of man, the incarnation of Christ, and the proclamation of the gospel. A correct understanding of it, especially in its relation to the everlasting covenant, is absolutely essential if we are to be kept from fundamental error. If the foundation be faulty, then the building erected upon it cannot be sound; and if we err in our conceptions of this basic truth, then in just proportion, so will our grasp of all other truth be inaccurate.

This classic text on the subject of election, or predestination to eternal life, is essential for any Christian’s library but especially that of the pastor or clergyman.


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