All Night Long and A New Year's Bite
Lydia Parks

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Narrated By: Micah Linford

Duration: 3 hours and 52 minutes

What to expect

Nathan wakes one evening to find a strange note in his mailbox. The handwritten invitation is to an exclusive vampire party, and it promises all of his appetites will be fulfilled. Concerned that someone knows what he is, he attends the party and discovers that the invitation was left in innocence, but that the party’s human host claims to be a vampire. Nathan can’t allow the attention caused by such a claim to continue.

Sitting alone at a table, Nathan finds Terra, an undercover detective who also wants to shut the party down. She’s determined and attractive, but she obviously doesn’t fit in with the crowd. Nathan proposes that they join forces, enjoying the fact that such a union takes them into the middle of an orgy. Terra’s morality reminds Nathan of another woman from his past—a woman who changed him forever. Will Terra have the same effect?


Erotic fiction, Romance: fantasy and paranormal, Thriller / suspense fiction

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“Sometimes all night long isn’t long enough.”