Erotica Book Club for Nice Ladies
Connie Spittler

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Narrated By: Tanya Eby

Duration: 10 hours and 46 minutes

What to expect

Lily, a librarian with a bookmobile, arrives in the small California town of Nolan to help start a book club. Across the ocean in an Alsatian chateau, the ancient Book of Cures is stolen and surreptitiously travels to a California coast library, then on to Nolan. Suspicion swirls around the three lonely club members. Unaware of the theft, they secretly pursue their curiosity about classical erotica while sipping a strange tea infused with herbs grown in a gypsy garden. Mysterious events collide in a whirlwind of intrigue. A crime wave and a murder shake up the town, and the women fall deeper and deeper into a baffling puzzle of danger and death.


Crime and mystery: women sleuths

Listen to a sample

“An intriguing, herb-seasoned page-turner, with engaging characters and plenty of plot strands to untangle.”

Susan Wittig Albert, author of Death Come Quickly

“The women in The Erotica Book Club for Nice Ladies captivated me in this richly woven tale of mystery, erotica, and ancient herbs. The author skillfully wove together disparate elements into an intriguing story. Not only did I enjoy the book, but I was entertained by spicy quotes from famous works like Candide and The Decameron. This book has it all!”

Elena Díaz Bjorkquist, author of Water from the Moon

“A highly original, entertaining read. A multitude of beautifully defined and amusing characters swirl into a single, engaging plot-line.”

Christina Britton Conroy, author of One Man's Music

“I love these ladies. A novel with elements reminiscent of the realism and magic of Alice Walker.”