Like Swimming
Ryan W. Bradley

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Narrated By: Elijah Alexander

Duration: 20 minutes

What to expect

Ryan W. Bradley takes listeners into the world of blue-collar Alaska, reflecting on all that is unique about the rough and untamed state while touching on the basic truths about what it means to be human. In “Like Swimming,” an aging construction worker copes with memory issues and his own mortality while showing a newcomer the ropes.


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“Ryan W. Bradley’s stories grab you by the balls and don’t let go.”

Bonnie Jo Campbell, National Book Award–nominated author

“Just like the state of Alaska itself, in which they’re set, the stories in Ryan Bradley’s Nothing But the Dead and Dying are beautiful, dangerous, hardcore, and strong enough to break your ice-brittled bones. Here are the losers and the strivers, the broken and the just-fixed, the down-but-not-out and the ones crawling back for forgiveness on hands and knees. These are the people of Alaska, yes, but they are also all the citizens of the world. They are you and me in our best and worst hours. Ryan W. Bradley goes full throttle down an icy road with these stories. GodDAMN, can he ever drive a story!”