Tourists Are for Trapping
Marian Babson

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Narrated By: Steven Crossley

Duration: 5 hours and 41 minutes

What to expect

A trip to London turns deadly … until a cat helps foil a nearly purrfect crime.

Larkin’s Luxury Tours Number 79 is a traveler’s nightmare. The problems started in Zurich, when one of the group died under mysterious circumstances. Now the remaining tour members have landed in London, tight-lipped, fearful, and ready to ask for their money back. It’s up to Doug Perkins of PR firm Perkins and Tate to restore their spirits.

Naturally, for the restoration of spirits Doug arranges a pub crawl, and with the help of his cat, Pandora, he’s jollying them back into being happy campers (at the best hotels, of course). Then foul play strikes again. Now Doug, assisted by Pandora’s feline ability to smell a rat, needs to find out which tourist hides a preference for bed, breakfast, and murder.


Crime and mystery fiction

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“Marian Babson’s name on a mystery is a guarantee of quality writing wrapped around an unusual crime.”