Two Steps Forward
Sharon Garlough Brown

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Narrated By: Erin Bennett

Duration: 11 hours and 44 minutes

What to expect

The women from Sensible Shoes are taking their next steps in the spiritual formation journey. But each of them is finding roadblocks along the way. Meg, a widow and recent empty-nester, is off to see her daughter in London. But what does hope look like when nothing goes as planned? Charissa, a conscientious graduate student, is battling to let go of control and embrace her unexpected pregnancy. But what does hope look like when transformation is slow? Hannah, a pastor on sabbatical, is trying to find her equilibrium with rest and a new relationship. But what does hope look like when old grief keeps resurfacing? Mara, a wife and mother, longs for her difficult family life to improve. But what does hope look like when tension escalates and circumstances only get worse? Sometimes life feels like two steps forward and one step back. Find your own spiritual journey reflected in the lives of these women and discover the way forward.


Christian life and practice, Personal religious testimony and popular inspirational works, Christian life and practice, Religious aspects of sexuality, gender and relationships

Listen to a sample

“Once again, Sharon Brown has provided an inspirational story that allows readers to shadow four women as they continue their spiritual journey…With a powerful companion guide for prayer and conversation, this book is ideal for anyone dealing with loss, abuse, fear, anxiety, or insecurities. It reminds us all with a gentle touch that we are born in the image of God and we are worthy of being loved.”

Julie Cantrell, New York Times bestselling author

“Two Steps Forward offers spiritual insights of the rarest beauty about both the pain and the peace at the ‘growing edges’ in our life with God. Like Sensible Shoes, this book is a gift and blessing to all who long for Emmanuel.”

Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung, author of Glittering Vices

“For me, these women have become sacred companions on my own journey…My own heart has been enlarged for more of Jesus as a result of Two Steps Forward!”

Marilyn Hontz, author of Listening for God

“I gobbled it up, reading it far too fast while not wanting the experience to end. I loved reading about Mara’s trip to London—her description of a Tube ride is spot on—and the other women’s support of each other through their various struggles. The way the author conveys the transforming nature of their spiritual growth is brilliant and compelling.”

Amy Boucher Pye, author of Finding Myself in Britain

“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet with a spiritual director to talk about your spiritual journey? Sharon Brown does a masterful job of giving the reader a glimpse of what that process is like through the stories of four different women looking for peace and hope…My own heart has been enlarged for more of Jesus as a result of Two Steps Forward!

Marilyn Hontz, author of Listening for God

“With her characteristic wisdom and grace, Sharon Garlough Brown gives voice to hope in the stories of Hannah, Charissa, Mara and Meg…To read this book is to learn to hope.”