Planet of Adventure
Jack Vance

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Narrated By: Elijah Alexander

Duration: 23 hours and 3 minutes

What to expect

Stranded on the distant planet Tschai, young Adam Reith is the sole survivor of a space mission who discovers the world is inhabited—not only by warring alien cultures but by human slaves as well, taken early in Earth’s history. Reith must find a way off the planet to warn Earth of Tschai’s deadly existence.

Against a backdrop of baroque cities and haunted wastelands, sumptuous palaces and riotous inns, Reith will encounter deadly wastrels and murderous aliens, dastardly villains and conniving scoundrels—and always the random beauty in need of rescue.


Science fiction, Science fiction: aliens / UFOs, Science fiction, Adventure fiction, Science fiction, Anthologies: general

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“Jack Vance is one of the finest writers that the science fiction field has ever known.”

Poul Anderson, praise for the author

“Exotic adventure, dastardly villains, beautiful women, baroque landscapes, all served up with the inimitable, incomparable Vance style and wit: dazzlingly inventive, utterly delightful, and absolutely, unequivocally essential to any collection.”