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Nancy E. Turner

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Narrated By: Laura Hicks

Duration: 14 hours and 4 minutes

What to expect

From the bestselling author of These Is My Words comes an exhilarating followup to the beloved Sarah’s Quilt. In the latest diary entries of pioneer woman Sarah Agnes Prine, Nancy E. Turner continues Sarah’s extraordinary story as she struggles to make a home in the Arizona Territory.

Winter 1906. Nearing bankruptcy after surviving drought, storms, and the rustling of her cattle, Sarah remains a stalwart pillar to her extended family. Then a stagecoach accident puts in her path three strangers who will change her life.

In sickness and in health, neighbor Udell Hanna remains a trusted friend, pressing for Sarah to marry. When he reveals a plan to grant Sarah her dearest wish, she is overwhelmed with passion and excitement. She soon discovers, however, that there is more to a formal education than she bargained for.

Behind the scenes, Sarah’s old friend Maldonado has struck a deal with the very men who will become linchpins of the Mexican Revolution. Maldonado plots to coerce Sarah into partnership, but when she refuses, he devises a murderous plan to gain her land for building a railroad straight to Mexico. When Sarah’s son Charlie unexpectedly returns from town with a new bride, the plot turns into an all-out range war between the two families.

Finally putting an end to Udell’s constant kindnesses, Sarah describes herself as “an iron-boned woman.” She wants more than to be merely a comfortable fill-in for his dead wife. It is only through a chance encounter that she discovers his true feelings, and only then can she believe that a selfless love has at last reached out to her.


Historical romance, Historical fiction

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“Authentic…reminiscent of Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove.

Denver Post

“Atmospheric,…authentic, robust, and perfectly executed.”

Tucson (AZ) Citizen

“Sarah’s independent streak and sometimes wily nature will endear her to contemporary readers…Entertaining and thoughtful.”

Publishers Weekly

“Basing Sarah on her own great-grandmother, the author’s personal connection to the main character authenticates this tale of courage, determination, and audacious will on the frontier…The matter-of-fact tone of Sarah’s diary entries underscores her amazing resilience in the face of everyday hardship and extraordinary adversity.”