Interpretation of Dreams
Sigmund Freud

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Narrated By: Simon Vance

Duration: 17 hours and 49 minutes

What to expect

Sigmund Freud’s landmark work The Interpretation of Dreams forever changed the way we think about our dreams. It is here that Freud made many of his most important discoveries about the subconscious mind, as he explored why we dream, what we dream, and what our dreams mean. What does it symbolize when we fly in our dreams? When we fall?

Freud’s dream analysis proved particularly valuable in his treatment of abnormal mental states. He claimed that dreams not only reveal the cryptic mechanisms of phobias, obsessions, and delusions but are also the most potent weapon in the healing of them. It is through our dreams that the unconscious mind strives to resolve conflict.


Psychiatry, Philosophy

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“A century after the book’s publication, Freud’s ideas seeped so deeply in the culture that most people invoke them daily without being aware of it.”

New York Times

“The groundbreaking masterwork that launched psychoanalysis.”


“Freud’s classic. Freud has been a dominant force in Western thinking and here’s the book that started it all.”

Psychology Today

“It is impossible to read The Interpretation of Dreams without coming away wiser.”

Globe & Mail (Canada)

“The impact of Freudian theory on our civilization can never be ignored. For the curious and the serious, [Vance] aptly augments the exploration of this classic book…[He] interprets the heavy rhetoric with dispatch and precision, while relating the fascinating dreams with expressive interest and skill.”