Enchanted April
Elizabeth von Arnim

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Narrated By: Wanda McCaddon

Duration: 8 hours and 14 minutes

What to expect

A recipe for happiness: four women, one medieval Italian castle, plenty of wisteria, and solitude as needed

Four very diverse women, all seeking revitalization from the dreary February rains of 1920s London, rent the small medieval castle of San Salvatore, nestled high above the bay of Portofino, Italy. Arriving at San Salvatore, they find it awash with the scent of flowers, its olive groves terracing down to the sun-warmed sea.

Each has her reasons for desiring escape. Mrs. Wilkins and Mrs. Arbuthnot are glad to leave behind their insipid duties and unresponsive husbands. The elderly Mrs. Fisher wishes only to sit in the sun and replay her youthful memories, and the bewitchingly beautiful Lady Caroline Dester desires to have seclusion from all her adoring suitors. Amid the canopies of fragrant wisteria, in the sweet sunshine and melodious silence, fate has some surprises in store for all of them.


Classic fiction, Fiction: general and literary, Romance, Historical romance

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“A pleasant…little story, with some neat phrasing and a genuine feeling for color and for beauty.”

New York Times

“At one level an escapist fantasy, at another a parable about the liberation of the spirit, this delicious confection will work magic on all.”

Daily Telegraph (London)

“Nadia May’s narration is excellent, especially in differentiating the women’s voices and in reading their inner dialogues…This performance is easy to listen to, and this recording is well worth having.”


“[A] book for anyone who feels stiff, unloved, or used up—a restful, funny, sumptuous, and invigorating vacation for the mind and soul…The effect is refreshing, charming, and romantic.”