John Neff on Investing
John Neff

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Narrated By: Edward Lewis

Duration: 9 hours and 23 minutes

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John Neff has proven time and again over the past three decades that bucking the system can pay off big. During his illustrious career as a money manager, Neff flew in the face of conventional wisdom by consistently passing over the big growth stocks of the moment in favor of inexpensive, underperforming ones—and he usually won! During his thirty-one years as a portfolio manager, he beat the market twenty-two times while posting a fifty-seven-fold increase in an initial stake.

Now retired from mutual fund management, Neff is ready to share the investment strategies that earned him international recognition as the “investor’s investor.” In John Neff on Investing, Neff delineates, for the first time, the strategies, techniques, and investment decisions that earned him his place alongside Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch in the pantheon of modern investment wizards.


Investment and securities, Business and Management, Personal finance

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“This book is a must read for anyone who is serious about investing. John Neff’s record is well known, and these pages make clear how and why he accomplished what he did. I also recommend it to corporate CEOs who see the same world from the other side of the fence.”

John Reed, chairman and Co-CEO, Citigroup Inc.

“Anyone with an interest in investing will enjoy learning at the feet of this master.”, editorial review

“Readers seeking up-to-the-minute stock tips or get-rich-quick advice may not like the message Neff delivers, but cooler heads seeking to make money over the long haul should enjoy and benefit from finding out how Neff invested very, very well.”

Publishers Weekly

“His book both tells the story of his career and explains, in detail, his investing principles. His long-term record of success is enviable...He writes in lively prose, keeps his chapters short, and uses language that will be familiar to anyone with a passing interest in the market.”

Library Journal

“You can count on your fingers of your hands the number of investment managers that have been able to beat the market over long periods of time—John Neff is one of those extraordinary professionals. Written with grace, humor, and irrepressible Neffian style, this book offers important insights into the methods and long-term rewards of ‘value’ investing.”