Pillar of Fire
Judith Tarr

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Narrated By: Anna Fields

Duration: 21 hours and 28 minutes

What to expect

Brought in chains as a slave girl to the court of ancient Egypt, Nofret knew intimately the key players in an extraordinary era: the pharaoh Akhenaten, who defied the ancient Egyptian deities to worship the One True God; his beautiful queen, Nefertiti; Tutankhamon, the young boy-king murdered in a ruthless struggle for power; Johanan, the handsome young Hebrew laborer who captured her heart and made her a traveler on a miraculous journey; and the legendary prophet and lawgiver who came out of the desert to defy Egypt’s power and lead his people out of captivity. Acclaimed as one of the finest authors of historical novels today, Judith Tarr has crafted a daring and provocative new interpretation of a crucial turning point in human history.


Historical fiction

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“Tarr is an excellent writer. Her prose is graceful and her plots are carefully constructed. She is as confident in describing the battlefields of war as she is in exploring the conflicts of love.”

Washington Post

“A highly entertaining blend of romance, drama, and historical detail.”

Publishers Weekly

“Anna Fields’ narration is consistently fresh, bringing immediacy to the novel’s events, while at the same time creating personas for a large cast of characters who develop and grow as they gain age and experience…This is a well-produced, intriguing story that makes the hours fly by.”


“Fields offers a brilliant, fully voiced reading; she has clear and effective voices for each of the characters, and her background reading is smooth, dramatic and totally professional.”