Price of Power
James W. Huston

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Narrated By: Adams Morgan

Duration: 15 hours and 16 minutes

What to expect

With a feel for politics, a gift for legal drama, and a rush of military action, this rousing novel sweeps from the Oval Office to a Navy SEAL assault on an Indonesian island, from the court-martial of an admiral to the impeachment hearings of a president.

The president has ordered the arrest and trial of a battle-group commander who led a congressionally authorized attack on terrorists in defiance of a presidential order. The angry Speaker of the House retaliates by initiating impeachment proceedings. Jim Dillon, the Speaker's top aide, finds himself defending the admiral in the court-martial and is named number-two prosecutor for the upcoming impeachment trial. Meanwhile, in the South Pacific, a fanatic plans to exploit the weaknesses of an American government in upheaval by brutally shedding American blood and taking innocent citizens hostage.But Dillon uncovers another forgotten power in the Constitution: the Rules of Capture, authorizing a SEAL-led attack.

Nothing will prevent a great nation from doing what is right, no matter what the price, not when the honor and the future of America is at stake.


Narrative theme: Politics

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“If you like Tom Clancy, Huston is a good step up.”

Washington Post Book World

“Hardball politics and deadly force—fire and gasoline in a terrific, fast-paced debut novel. Move over, Tom Clancy and Dale Brown—make room at the bar for James Huston.”

Stephen Coonts

“Reads like a collaboration between Tom Clancy and John Grisham…Huston continues to be a most welcome newcomer to the ranks of thriller-scribblers.”


“Intelligent…[a] page-turner…Heart-stopping scenes of military derring-do, steely camaraderie, and selfless patriotism…a military thriller that delivers the requisite guts and glory while making a statement about the ambiguous role of violence in America.”