Jews, God, and History
Max I. Dimont

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Narrated By: Anna Fields

Duration: 17 hours and 53 minutes

What to expect

Vitality floods its pages. Philosophers and kings, warriors and merchants, poets and financiers come alive as the story ranges across time and the globe. From ancient Palestine through Europe and the Orient, to America and modern Israel, Max Dimont shows how the saga of the Jews is interwoven with the history of virtually every nation on earth.

Brilliantly narrated in a thousand and one episodes, this newly revised and updated edition tells the story of a people escaping annihilation and cultural death, fighting, falling back, advancing. Infused with an almost miraculous life force, they have survived the death of civilizations and have triumphantly contributed to man’s spiritual and intellectual heritage for some four thousand years.


Social and cultural history, Middle Eastern history, Judaism, History of religion

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“Unquestionably the best popular history of the Jews written in the English language.”

Los Angeles Times

“Successfully captures the history of the Jewish experience. A useful addition to most collections.”

Library Journal

“The author has turned four thousand years in the life of one people into a lively, canny, authoritative, brainy, and informative page-turner…[Anna Fields’] listener-friendly cadences express not only the sense of the lines but also the connections among ideas and the author’s underlying intelligence.”