Wrecking Crew
Donald Hamilton

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Narrated By: Stefan Rudnicki

Duration: 6 hours and 2 minutes

What to expect

The second installment in the legendary Matt Helm thrillers

Matt Helm, code name Eric, has been recently reactivated as an operative for a secret American government organization after fifteen years as a sedentary photographer and family man in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In his first assignment after returning to the service, he is sent to Sweden to eliminate Caselius, a long-time enemy agent. In order to do so, he must leave a trail of bodies in his wake.

Originally released in the era of the James Bond novels, the Matt Helm novels were considered grittier and more realistic than Bond, garnering them critical praise and an ardent audience.


Thriller / suspense fiction, Thriller / suspense fiction, Espionage and spy thriller, Crime and mystery fiction

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“Well-plotted action, interesting ambivalence, and uncompromising harshness.”

New York Times

“Makes British spy James Bond seem like a powderpuff.”

Denver Post

“If you like realistic action scenes and gutsy espionage stories, then this is definitely for you. The language is gritty and the action is daring.”