Called Home
Robert R. Irvine

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Narrated By: Jeffrey Kafer

Duration: 5 hours and 3 minutes

What to expect

The isolated town of Wasatch sits in Mormon country—a hard place where right and wrong are as clear as night and day. But smoke from nearby mountain wildfires swirls menacingly through the streets, as unsettling as the dark secrets so zealously guarded by Brigham Young's faithful.

Moroni Traveler, a PI named for an angel, is an outsider—an unwanted unbeliever determined to discover the truth about a dead woman. Branded a devil and greeted with violence, Moroni launches into an investigation that leads him into a smoldering thicket of rumor and concealment. Two people have already been killed. When the case turns brutally personal, there's no going back, and Moroni will journey through hell to ensure that vengeance will be his.


Crime and mystery: private investigator / amateur detectives, Crime and mystery fiction, Thriller / suspense fiction, Crime and mystery fiction

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“Exciting and intriguing.”

Publishers Weekly

“Fascinating Mormon lore, plain-speaking style, and an intriguing puzzle: the best so far in this series.”