Thirty Years of Treason, Vol. 3
Eric Bentley

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Narrated By: Gabrielle de Cuir, a full cast, Nathan Dana Aldrich, Roscoe Lee Browne, Robertson Dean, Richard Gilliland, Stephen Hoye, Alex Hyde-White, Sunil Malhotra, Jim Meskimen, Arthur Morey, Burt Reynolds, Stefan Rudnicki, Christian Rummel, Molly Underwood

Duration: 15 hours and 29 minutes

What to expect

A chilling reenactment of the federal government’s anti-Communist investigations

The testimony that the author has gleaned for this book from the thirty-year record of the House Un-American Activities Committee focuses on HUAC’s treatment of artists, intellectuals, and performers. This highly readable and absorbing collection of significant excerpts from the hearings shows with painful clarity how HUAC grew from a panel that investigated possible subversive activities in a “dignified” manner to a huge, unrelenting accusatory finger from which almost no one was safe. Thirty Years of Treason serves as a warning for the future and creates living history from the documentary record.


History of the Americas, Far-left political ideologies and movements, Left-of-centre democratic ideologies

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“The basic document with which all future studies of the [House Un-American Activities] Committee will have to begin.”

Dalton Trumbo, Academy Award–winning screenwriter and novelist

“We have Bentley to thank for this bittersweet vaudeville show, this congressional cabaret of the absurd, this peptic epic…What he has done is give us HUAC as spectacle, and the perspective is shattering.”

New York Times

“[Portrays] a dark chapter in our nation’s history that needs to be remembered.”