One Mountain Away
Emilie Richards

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Narrated By: Karen White

Duration: 14 hours and 45 minutes

What to expect

With nothing but brains, ambition, and sheer nerve, Charlotte Hale built a career as a tough, do-anything-to-succeed real estate developer. She's at the top of that mountain—but her life is empty. Her friends are as grasping and insincere as she has become. Far worse, she's alienated her family so completely that she's totally lost touch with her only daughter.

One terrifying day, facing her own mortality, she realizes that her ambition has almost destroyed her chance at happiness. So Charlotte vows to make amends, not simply with her considerable wealth but by offering a hand instead of a handout, putting in hours and energy instead of putting in an appearance, opening her home and heart instead of her wallet.

With each wrenching, exhilarating decision, Charlotte finds that climbing a new mountain—one built on friendship, love, and forgiveness—will teach her what it truly means to build a legacy.


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“When I first began reading One Mountain Away, I wondered where the story was going. A few pages later, I knew precisely where this story was going—straight to my heart. Words that come to my mind are wow, fabulous, and beautiful. Definitely a must-read. If any book I’ve ever read deserves to be made into a film, One Mountain Away is it! Kudos to Emilie Richards.”

Catherine Anderson, New York Times bestselling author

“Complex characters, compelling emotions, and the healing power of forgiveness—what could be better? I loved this book!”

Sherryl Woods, New York Times bestselling author

“Emilie Richards’ compassion and deep understanding of family relationships, especially those among women, are the soul of One Mountain Away. This rich, multilayered story of love and bitterness, humor, loss, and redemption haunts me as few other books have.”

Sandra Dallas, New York Times bestselling author

“Emilie Richards is at the top of her game in this richly rewarding tale of love and family and the ties that bind us all. One Mountain Away is everything I want in a novel and more.”

Barbara Bretton, USA Today bestselling author

“Richards continues to amaze and thrill readers with protagonists who realize they need to change and make their lives mean something. The characters in her latest Goddesses Anonymous novel are smartly developed throughout, and while you may not like them at the beginning, you will adore them by the end.”

RT Book Reviews

“Richards creates a heart-wrenching atmosphere that slowly builds to the final pages, and continues to echo after the book is finished.”