Available Parent
John Duffy

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Narrated By: David Colacci

Duration: 5 hours and 48 minutes

What to expect

We have a tendency today to over-parent, micromanage, and underappreciate our adolescents. Dr. John Duffy's The Available Parent is a revolutionary approach to taking care of teens and tweens.

Teenagers are often left feeling unheard and misunderstood, and parents are left feeling bewildered by the changes in their child at adolescence and by their sudden lack of effectiveness as parents. The parent has become unavailable, the teen responds in kind, and a negative, often destructive cycle of communication begins. The available parent of a teenager is open to discussion, offering advice and solutions but not insisting on them. He allows his child to make some mistakes, setting limits, primarily where health and safety are concerned. He never lectures—he is available but not controlling. He is neither cruel nor dismissive, ever. The available parent is fun and funny and can bring levity to the most stressful situation. All of that is to say, there are no conditions to his availability—it is absolute.


Relationships and families: advice and issues, Age groups: adolescents, Teenagers: advice for parents, Educational administration and organization

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“A healthy dose of optimism and lots of practical suggestions.”

Publishers Weekly

“Every parent of a child or teen will benefit from keeping this wise book on their night stand. It’s likely they will want it handy to read over and over again.”

Judy Ford, author of Every Day Love

“Every parent who wants to give it their best shot in working with, and not in opposition to, their teen needs to check in with Dr. John Duffy and apply his ‘available parent’ strategy.”

Mary Beth Sammons, author of Second Acts That Change Lives

“I couldn’t put The Available Parent down…John’s a brilliant writer with keen intuition into how kids think and how parents can, sometimes unknowingly, sabotage their relationship…John relays their amazing stories of growth in smooth, witty, and helpful prose. Any parent with a child—no matter what the age—should read and learn from this book.”

Eileen Norris, contributing writer and editor of the bestselling You: The Smart Patient

“What a true gift…Teens and parents are both resilient; with the tools provided in the remarkable book The Available Parent, you and your teenager can both enjoy your new and improved relationship.”

Dr. Kate Smart Mursau, coauthor of Smart Parenting

“Dr. John Duffy’s fresh new concept of availability in parenting is an idea that meets the moment. With the pace of society constantly accelerating, we need The Available Parent now more than ever! Dr. John’s writing is smart, approachable and right on the mark. His blend of practical ideas and colorful examples delivers great insights. Most importantly, I am a better parent thanks to this book.”