Military Conflicts
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Speeches given during military conflicts made by world leaders, politicians, protesters, and military leaders. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s declaration of war entering Great Britain into World War II, the famous “Infamy” speech given to Congress by President Roosevelt the day after Japan launched a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and featuring speeches about the conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, the Bay of Pigs, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, the Gulf War, and the War on Terror. Produced by the Speech Resource Company and fully narrated by Robert Wikstrom.

Neville Chamberlain – Declaration of WarWinston Churchill – First 10 Weeks of the WarWinston Churchill – “Their Finest Hour”Winston Churchill – “So Few”Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Four FreedomsCharles Lindbergh – IsolationismFranklin Delano Roosevelt – “A Day of Infamy”Winston Churchill – US Enters the WarWinston Churchill – Joint Session of CongressAdmiral Chester Nimitz – Address to Navy FleetFranklin Delano Roosevelt – Collapse of ItalyGeneral Eisenhower & FDR – D-Day SpeechesGeneral Douglas MacArthur – PhilippinesWinston Churchill – Thanksgiving AddressFranklin Delano Roosevelt – Fourth InaugurationFranklin Delano Roosevelt – Yalta ConferenceWinston Churchill, Harry Truman & General Patton – Victory in EuropeHarry Truman – Bombing of HiroshimaHarry Truman – Victory in JapanCharles DeGaulle – Thank You, AmericaHarry Truman – KoreaGeneral MacArthur – “Old Soldiers”Dwight D. Eisenhower – Armistice in KoreaJohn F. Kennedy – “Bay of Pigs”John F. Kennedy – VietnamJohn F. Kennedy – Cuba Missile CrisisLyndon Baines Johnson – Gulf of Tonkin IncidentNorman Mailer – “Hot Damn,Vietnam”Lyndon Baines Johnson – American Policy in SE AsiaMartin Luther King, Jr. – VietnamMuhammad Ali – VietnamRobert F. Kennedy – Peace in VietnamRichard Nixon – Vietnam UpdateJohn Kerry – Vietnam Address to CongressJane Fonda – Protesting VietnamRichard Nixon – End of the WarGerald Ford – AmnestyJimmy Carter – Iranian Hostage CrisisJimmy Carter – Iranian Hostages ReleasedRonald Reagan – Iranian Hostages Coming HomeRonald Reagan – Lebanon & Grenada ConflictsGeorge H. W. Bush – Panama ConflictGeorge H. W. Bush – Gulf WarGeorge H. W. Bush – End of the Gulf WarBill Clinton – Attack on IraqGeorge W. Bush – 9/11 AttackGeorge W. Bush – 9/11 Bullhorn AddressGeorge W. Bush – Declares War on AfghanistanGeorge W. Bush – War in IraqBarack Obama – Ending the War in IraqBarack Obama – Death of Osama Bin LadenBarack Obama – Destroying ISISDonald Trump – Support for the Military


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