Cold War
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Following World War II, through the 1990s, there existed a sense of mutual distrust between the United States and the Soviet Union. The hostile environment included American fears of a Russian plan to control the world and the USSR’s resentment over US intervention in foreign countries. The Cold War includes such speeches as JFK’s address to the nation on the arms buildup in Cuba and commending West Berliners on their dedication to democracy, Presidents Nixon and Ford on treaty talks in Helsinki, and Ronald Reagan confronting Mikhail Gorbachev at the Berlin Wall. Produced by the Speech Resource Company and fully narrated by Robert Wikstrom.

Winston Churchill, “The Iron Curtain,” 3/5/46Harry Truman, “The Truman Doctrine,” 3/12/47George C. Marshall, “The Marshall Plan,” 6/5/47Harry Truman, Korean War, 4/11/51Dwight Eisenhower, “Chance For Peace,” 4/16/53Dwight Eisenhower, “Atoms For Peace,” 12/8/53John Kennedy, Nixon Presidential Debate, 10/7/60John Kennedy, “Bay Of Pigs,” 4/27/61John Kennedy, “Cuban Missile Crisis,” 10/22/62John Kennedy, Nuclear Arms Reduction, 6/10/63John Kennedy, Berlin Wall, 6/26/63Dwight Eisenhower, “World Peace,” 7/13/64Lyndon Baines Johnson, Vietnam, 9/29/67Richard Nixon, Vietnam, 11/3/69Richard Nixon, SALT Treaty Talks, 5/20/71Gerald Ford, Foreign Policy, 4/10/75Gerald Ford, Helsinki Peace Accord, 8/1/75Jimmy Carter, China Relations, 12/15/78Ronald Reagan, “Evil Empire,” 3/8/83Ronald Reagan, Brandenberg Gate, 6/12/87


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