Music of Your Heart
Kathy Paauw

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Narrated By: Amy Faust

Duration: 3 hours and 43 minutes

What to expect

The Music of Your Heart is designed to help you tap into your own passions and create the life and freedom you've always wanted. This must-have audiobook provides the tools you need to:

Achieve success and freedom as you build your business. Whether you are building your business on a part-time basis or this is your primary profession, you will find valuable tips and tools to assist you. The "freedom challenges" at the end of each chapter are designed to help you take action on what you learn as you listen to this audiobook.

Dig deep and identify the "why" for starting your business. This foundational work is critical to network marketers or anyone taking the plunge to become an entrepreneur because there will be times you feel discouraged and maybe even want to quit. Your bigger "why" for doing this work will keep you motivated to continue, no matter what challenges you encounter.

Seek balance between your personal and work lives. Identify where your personal life and work life are off balance by looking at nine distinct areas of development. Striking a balance is critical to success in all aspects of your life. Once you are aware of imbalances, you can "upgrade" these areas to support the ultimate lifestyle freedom you desire.

Clarify your goals to work more productively. Plan and manage how you invest your time and resources in your business. As the CEO of your own company (yes, you are the CEO!), you don't have anyone holding you accountable, telling you what to do or when and how to do it. This audiobook shares some tools that many other CEOs have used to help them run multimillion-dollar companies.

Make use of "freedom challenges," exercises designed to help you clarify, create, and support your path to freedom so you can build a successful business, live the life of your dreams, and help others do the same. Join Kathy Paauw as she shares her goal to help you tap into your own passions and create the life and freedom that you've always wanted. This book is her way of sharing what she's learned along the way to her own path to freedom.


Ownership and organization of enterprises

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The Music of Your Heart is a must-read book for all network marketers! Kathy Paauw combines her skills as an experienced network marketing professional and a trained coach to give you the tools to address the most common challenges network marketers face today. She outlines the ultimate blueprint to build a successful network marketing business for you and your entire team.”

Ivan Misner, New York Times bestselling author and founder of BNI

The Music of Your Heart offers a great combination of exercises you can do to find your path to freedom and some amazing processes for organizing and structuring a successful network marketing business plan.”

Jordan Adler, bestselling author of Beach Money

“Kathy presents a deep look into the personal development and growth aspects of the business to help you build a strong foundation for success.”