David Limbaugh

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Narrated By: Raymond Todd

Duration: 10 hours and 59 minutes

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The Democrat Party, says bestselling author David Limbaugh, has sold itself to left-wing extremists and has lost its mind and soul. Limbaugh charts how the Democrat Party, unable to come to grips with the Clinton scandals, unable to accept the defeat of Al Gore in 2000, and unable to accept its current minority status, has embraced a politics of ideological hate and nihilism.

With his trademark bull’s-eye analysis and common sense, David Limbaugh provides a sobering and shocking portrait of a Democrat Party too morally and intellectually bankrupt to serve our country.


Right-of-centre democratic ideologies, Centrist democratic ideologies, Political parties and party platforms, Politics and government

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“Don’t ever, ever be tempted to vote for a liberal, even as a protest vote. David Limbaugh shows you why, in the most devastating critique I’ve ever seen of just how intellectually and morally bankrupt the Democratic Party has become. When it comes to ‘must reads,’ put David Limbaugh’s Bankrupt at the top of your list.”

Sean Hannity

“David Limbaugh serves up a meticulous, methodical, and utterly devastating indictment of the Democratic Party. Everything you need to know about the lies, failures, and abject bankruptcy of the Left is here. A timely and chilling reminder for the election season. Read it.”

Michelle Malkin, New York Times bestselling author of Culture of Corruption

“My friend David Limbaugh has done the country a great service in his excellent new book, Bankrupt. By documenting the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the modern Democratic Party, he has made it impossible for anyone who cares about America’s future—or about honesty—to vote for a current Democrat.”

Mark Levin, national radio show host and New York Times bestselling author of Men in Black: How the Supreme Court is Destroying America

“Our country needs a responsible opposition party—a party willing to participate in an honest policy debate—but sadly, the Democrats fall way short of the mark. In sobering, breathtaking detail, Bankrupt shows why.”

Conservative Book Club

“Todd, whatever his personal political leanings, provides a convincing nine CDs of…rhetoric.”