George Gilder

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Narrated By: Jeff Riggenbach

Duration: 11 hours and 14 minutes

What to expect

The computer age is over. After a global run of thirty years, it has given birth to the age of the telecosm—the world enabled and defined by new communications technology. To seek the key to great wealth and to understand the bewildering ways that high tech is restructuring our lives, look not to chip speed but to bandwidth. Bandwidth is exploding, and its abundance is the most important social and economic fact of our time.

George Gilder is one of the great technological visionaries, famous for understanding and predicting complex technologies as well as for putting it all together in a soaring view of why things change and what it means for our daily lives. He foresaw the power of fiber optics and wireless networks, the decline of the telephone regime, and the explosion of handheld computers; now, he brings you the bible of the new age of communications.


Communications engineering / telecommunications, Investment and securities, Computer networking and communications, Electronics engineering, Impact of science and technology on society

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“[A] riveting work of history and Web-age soothsaying…[Gilder is] more than just a whiz-kid technocrat; he has insights about economics, society, and well-known industry characters that will knock your socks off. This is indispensable listening for people touched in any way by the communications revolution. Jeff Riggenbach’s reading is both intense and understated…The author’s wry humor, as well as his confidence and grasp of his subject, will keep it on your front burner for the entire twelve hours.”


“If, for some, Mr. Gilder's pronouncements have the weight of Scripture, it is not just because they promise untold this-worldly benefits...Forget the mundane: in the new age, cloaked in wings of light, we Gilderites will dwell in telecosmic utopia.”

New York Times

“Gilder offers much more than guesses. As one of the nation's premier analysts of technology-driven enterprises, he makes his predictions based on a thorough knowledge of how scientific breakthroughs are rewriting the ancient economic rules of scarcity and abundance.”