Citizen Patient
Nortin M. Hadler

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Narrated By: Tom Weiner

Duration: 9 hours and 42 minutes

What to expect

Conflicts of interest, misrepresentation of clinical trials, hospital price-fixing, and massive expenditures for procedures of dubious efficacy—these and other critical flaws leave little doubt that the current US health-care system is in need of an overhaul. In this essential guide, preeminent physician Nortin Hadler urges American health-care consumers to take time to understand the existing system and to visualize what the outcome of successful reform might look like. Central to this vision is a shared understanding of the primacy of the relationship between doctor and patient. Hadler shows us that a new approach is necessary if we hope to improve the health of the populace. Rational health care, he argues, is far less expensive than the irrationality of the status quo.

Taking a critical view of how medical treatment, health care finance, and attitudes about health, medicine, and disease play out in broad social and political settings, Hadler applies his wealth of experience and insight to these pressing issues, answering important questions for citizen-patients and policy makers alike.


Popular medicine and health, Health systems and services, Popular medicine and health, Medicine: general issues, Health systems and services, Medicolegal issues

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“A tour de force. Compelling and extremely well-informed. Hadler offers important new insights.”

Mark Hall, health-care scholar and professor of law, Wake Forest University

“Blending best science, sound ethics, compassionate clinical care, and economic realism, Hadler exhorts patients to take control of their own health and health system to save the United States from fiscal disaster.”

George D. Lundberg, MD, former editor-in-chief, Journal of the American Medical Association

“Sweeping in scope. Dr. Hadler’s prescription for reform is radical and compassionate and could dramatically improve the health of every citizen while simultaneously saving vast sums of money.”

Jeanne Lenzer, medical investigative journalist

“An informed critique and evaluation of the current US health-care system with creative suggestions as to how it can be restructured for the benefit of patients. Hadler’s views are always interesting, original, and provocative.”

Arthur Rubenstein, MD, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

“Doctors should read this book and examine their motives and their consciences. Anyone who thinks they might ever become a patient should also use it to understand the hidden agendas at work in medicine—which might not necessarily be in their best interests!”