Joe Weber

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Narrated By: Keith Szarabajka

Duration: 10 hours and 14 minutes

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DEFCON: Defense Readiness Condition

DEFCON Five: normal peacetime activitiesDEFCON Four: increase intelligence watch and increase securityDEFCON Three: forces on standby, awaiting further ordersDEFCON Two: forces ready for combatDEFCON One: forces deployed for combat

In this explosive bestseller, the United States and the Soviet Union are poised on the brink of Armageddon. Glasnost has failed, Russia is economically desperate, and Gorbachev's successor has launched the first strike in what may become World War III. Only one man knows the full extent of the impending horror—a CIA operative trapped in the Kremlin.

Written by a former Marine Corps pilot, DEFCON One is a blistering scenario of men and war—exciting, tense, and frighteningly real.


Technothriller, Espionage and spy thriller, Thriller / suspense fiction, Thriller / suspense fiction

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“A blazing debut.”

Tom Clancy

“Thought provoking to everyone interested in the global balance of power.”

W. E. B. Griffin

“Chilling and credible…It’s a must-read.”

Stephen Coonts

“For military buffs, DEFCON'’s the one…A taut narrative that should please and entertain those military buffs who like their action seasoned with high-level espionage.”

Tallahassee Democrat/Sun

“A war thriller not for the faint of heart. The pace of DEFCON One is faster than a heat-seeking missile…If military thrillers are for you, the DEFCON One is a must-read.”

Atlantic City Press

“[A] gripping techno-thriller…Weber, a former Marine fighter pilot, handles the military aspects of the developing confrontation convincingly, concentrating on air and naval operations…Frighteningly credible.”

Publishers Weekly

“Weber’s forte is his ability to tell a fast-paced war story filled with accurate details of the latest weapons systems.”