C. S. Lewis as Philosopher
David Baggett, Gary R. Habermas, Jerry L. Walls

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Narrated By: Ralph Cosham

Duration: 9 hours and 35 minutes

What to expect

What did C. S. Lewis think about Truth, Goodness, and Beauty? The fifteen essays collected here explore these three major philosophical themes from the writings of Lewis. This volume provides a comprehensive overview of Lewis’ philosophical thinking on arguments for Christianity, the character of God, theodicy, moral goodness, heaven and hell, a theory of literature, and the place of the imagination.


Christianity, The arts: general issues

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“The essays in this collection cast plenty of light on the thinking of the man who was probably the greatest Christian apologist of the twentieth century.”

Church Newspaper

“The essay by Jean Bethke Elshtain, explicating The Abolition of Man, is so powerfully written and exquisitely reasoned as to make it alone worth the cost of the entire book.”