Freeing Yourself from Anxiety
Tamar E. Chansky

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Narrated By: Nicole Vilencia

Duration: 10 hours and 32 minutes

What to expect

We all know what is healthy to think and what is not, much like we know that eating an apple is better than gorging on donuts. But once we start thinking anxious thoughts, it is tough to move from disaster to reality. Our brain can ruin our day.

The road map to happiness can be found in Freeing Yourself from Anxiety. Unlike most guides, Dr. Tamar Chansky’s book explains that the solution is not positive thinking but possible thinking. Armed with her strategies, listeners can achieve accurate perceptions of their lives that can liberate them from fear and perfectionism.

For the estimated 25 percent of Americans who have an anxiety problem, Freeing Yourself from Anxiety provides the step-by-step tools for living stress-free, without medications.


Assertiveness, motivation, self-esteem and positive mental attitude, Abnormal psychology, Self-help, personal development and practical advice, Coping with depression and other mood disorders, Coping with stress

Listen to a sample

“Offers dozens of simple yet powerful strategies…Armed with [Chansky’s] strategies, readers can achieve accurate perceptions of their lives that can liberate them from fear and perfectionism.”

Philadelphia Tribune

“Whether you’re a perfectionist, negative thinker or lifelong worrywart, it’s a good resource to get the ball rolling on a less-stressful life.”

Calgary Herald

“It’s for everyone, covering daily frustrations and how to react to them more positively.”

Midwest Book Review

“Surprisingly easy ways to change your worried mind.”

Reid Wilson, PhD, author of Don't Panic

“If a brain were to come with operating instructions, it would consist of these pages.”

Therese J. Borchard, author of Beyond Blue

“A gifted writer and clinician…Chansky takes the reader by the hand and guides them through the complex maze of thoughts and emotions in a way that is wise, compassionate, and knowledge-based. This is the gift of Freeing Yourself from Anxiety.”