Sinatra Solution
Stephen T. Sinatra

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Narrated By: Brian Emerson

Duration: 9 hours

What to expect

There's no doubt about it—people with heart disease lack energy. The heart needs a large amount of oxygenated blood flow to continuously meet its huge energy demands. Board-certified cardiologist Stephen T. Sinatra knows that understanding energy metabolism in the heart is critical to devising effective therapies for treating heart disease. In The Sinatra Solution, he shares the new triad of cardiac health—CoQ10, carnitine, and ribose—a synergistic combination of energy-supplying nutrients that maximizes the amount of oxygen the heart muscle can extract from the blood. Presenting concise and informative scientific studies and case histories, Sinatra clearly explains how these miraculous nutrients work throughout the body, essentially charging up every body cell to function at optimal capacity, making their effect both therapeutic and preventative.


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