Cold Case
Kate Wilhelm

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Narrated By: Carrington MacDuffie

Duration: 10 hours and 1 minute

What to expect

Controversial author and scholar David Etheridge is not the kind of company an aspiring politician wants to keep. But ambitious senator Robert McCrutchen has a history with Etheridge that he’s desperately trying to keep under wraps. Twenty-two years ago, both men were investigated in the death of a young coed, but the case was never solved.

When Etheridge returns to Eugene, Oregon, McCrutchen is his grudging host—until the senator is found shot dead. Now, Etheridge is once again suspected of murder, only this time, with the cold case reopened, he’s facing a double charge. Attorney Barbara Holloway must battle both the prosecution and the court of public opinion, which has already tried and convicted Etheridge for both murders. As the pressure mounts, Barbara ties the past and present together, risking her own life to preserve justice.


Crime and mystery fiction, Thriller / suspense fiction, Fiction: general and literary

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“Carrington MacDuffie has an interesting voice that is perfect for the determined defense lawyer, her cagey and old-fashioned father, the acerbic David, and the lesser characters who complete this engaging mystery.”