Unraveling of Violeta Bell
C. R. Corwin

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Narrated By: Lorna Raver

Duration: 8 hours and 56 minutes

What to expect

Maddy Sprowls, newspaper librarian for the Hannawa Herald-Union, prefers to stay in the newspaper morgue and do her job. But one Saturday, she sees four elderly women get out of a taxicab at a garage sale. She figures that those women must hire that cabby every week to drive them from garage sale to garage sale, and wouldn’t that make a great feature story for the paper? Shortly after the story runs, one of the four women, retired antiques dealer Violeta Bell, is murdered. Maddy wants no part of the investigation, but before she knows it, she’s on another of her infamous snoopathons. Were they hunting for bargains—or for something else?


Crime and mystery fiction, Crime and mystery: women sleuths

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“Lorna Raver clearly enjoys reading this third Morgue Mama Mystery…Raver is totally involved, and as Maddy becomes more deeply immersed in the investigation, Raver’s performance grows edgier. Raver pulls listeners in and with perfect timing sets the stage for the many complications of the plot and Maddy’s personal life.”


“Maddy, a sixtyish amateur sleuth, is a charming protagonist, and Raver does the character justice, creating a fully rounded, vivid personality. She captures Maddy’s outspokenness and amiable orneriness, allowing us to easily picture the librarian’s attempts to solve the mystery.”


“Charming…Irascible, fearless, and unapologetic, Maddy is a heroine cozy fans will embrace.”