Fight Back!
G. Gordon Liddy, James G. Liddy

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Narrated By: Stefan Rudnicki

Duration: 9 hours and 13 minutes

What to expect

Fight Back! is a timely book in personal, corporate, and institutional defense in an unstable world. Former FBI agent and current media mogul and politician G. Gordon Liddy relates strategies for dealing with a variety of attacks and threats, including criminals, terrorism, and even weapons of mass destruction. Included is a useful Emergency Response Handbook with important information dealing with chemical, biological, and nuclear attacks, with clear-cut directions detailing what you should do to survive.


Terrorism, armed struggle, Warfare and defence

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“[Fight Back] provides a worthwhile crash course in deconstructing the nature of threats and how to protect against them…offers expertly solicited information in the form of emergency response guidelines, including what to do in case of radiation exposure or in the wake of a chemical or biological attack.”