Men in Black
Mark R. Levin

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Narrated By: Jeff Riggenbach

Duration: 7 hours and 56 minutes

What to expect

The Supreme Court endorses terrorists’ rights, flag burning, and importing foreign law. Is that in the Constitution? You’re right: it’s not. But these days the Constitution is no restraint on our out-of-control Supreme Court. The Court imperiously strikes down laws and imposes new ones purely on its own arbitrary whims. Even though liberals like John Kerry are repeatedly defeated at the polls, the majority on the allegedly “conservative” Supreme Court reflects their views and wields absolute power. There’s a word for this: tyranny.

In Men in Black, radio talk-show host and legal scholar Mark R. Levin dissects the judicial tyranny that is robbing us of our freedoms and stuffing the ballot box in favor of liberal policies. As Rush Limbaugh writes in his introduction, “Men in Black is a tremendously important and compelling book.”


Central / national / federal government, Government powers, Politics and government

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Men in Black is one of the finest books on the Constitution and the judiciary I’ve read in a very long time. It combines history, law, and current events in an extremely interesting, insightful and compelling examination of a dire problem…There is no better source for understanding and grasping the seriousness of this issue than Men in Black.”

Edwin Meese, US attorney general of the United States under President Ronald Reagan

“I am proud to endorse this book by a constitutional scholar, a brilliant lawyer, a pundit extraordinaire, an exceptional radio talk show host, a patriot, and my very good friend. I hope it sells a million and that twice that many read, absorb, and take to heart its critical message.”

Rush Limbaugh, from the introduction

“Mark Levin proves once again why I call him ‘The Great One.’ He describes a Supreme Court that is out of control and out of order. Men in Black is a modern conservative classic.”

Sean Hannity

“Conservative talk radio host, lawyer, and frequent National Review contributor Mark R. Levin comes out firing against the United States Supreme Court...Levin’s hard-charging style and dire warnings of the court’s direction will strike a resonant tone of alarm.”