Lysa Williams

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Narrated By: Christopher Lane

Duration: 8 hours and 55 minutes

What to expect

From dark and humble beginnings, a master musician rises to take the world by storm. Nick Raze, a violin virtuoso, exists at the height of popularity, while his life remains a well-protected mystery. A year of artist-in-residency in Chicago introduces him to a man who offers him his first friendship and a woman who offers him his first taste of love. Now Nick must make a choice to fight against the bonds of his past in order to escape the isolation of his heart.

This is the sensitive, sometimes painful look at the life behind the media hype and the heart behind the music.


Fiction: general and literary

Listen to a sample

“Whether it’s music, concert management, celebrity, or just plain life that catches your interest, this novel about a superstar violinist will stay with you…The story flows easily and is carried by the wonderful voice of Christopher Lane…who reads in that comfortable way of a person who wants you to hear and understand, giving the listener a beautiful experience.”


“A fascinating and unusual story.”


“The torment of the main character and the genuineness of the other characters make this a fascinating and unusual story. Lane’s voice has a hint of music to it…His reading creates real, loving, and interesting images.”


“I was captivated by Soundless. It is intriguing and fast moving. The storyline is fascinating and the character development so real I fell in love. They are real people, the kind of people I would like to know personally. This book is truly a pleasure.”