Story of Liberty
Charles C. Coffin

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Narrated By: Edward Lewis

Duration: 8 hours and 43 minutes

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Does America still have a rendezvous with destiny? Is there yet a generation to come forth from this nation which will turn the hearts of not only its countrymen back to the living God, but the heart of the world as well?

Charles C. Coffin's The Story of Liberty, originally published in 1879, reaches back into the records of history to observe the hand of the Great Author and give a direction for the days ahead. As we look at that which preceded our nation's history and led to its founding, we will begin to have an idea of what liberty cost those who love the truth and how much still is at stake.


Teaching of a specific subject, Educational: Social sciences, social studies, History of the Americas, Christian life and practice, Religious instruction

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“Coffin avoids the formality of historical narrative, and presents his material in the shape of personal anecdotes, memorable incidents, and familiar illustrations. He reproduces events in a vivid, picturesque narrative.”

New York Tribune

“So long as boys and girls read intelligently such books as this, the country and the world will not swing back into the blackness of darkness…We warmly commend to every household such a book as this.”

Observer (New York)

“Its simplicity, fullness, and purity of style will make it a favorite volume with all who love historical studies.”

Lutheran Observer

“A picturesque recital of the development of republican ideas deduced from European history.”