This Side of Paradise
F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Narrated By: Wolfram Kandinsky

Duration: 10 hours and 40 minutes

What to expect

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s first novel features Amory Blaine, a handsome, wealthy, spoiled, and snobbish young man from the Midwest who attends Princeton University to acquire a refined sense of the proper “social” values. Lacking all sense of purpose, he interests himself primarily in literary cults, vaguely “liberal” student activities, and a series of flirtations with some rather predatory young ladies. Partially autobiographical, This Side of Paradise was credited with having invented the American flapper.


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“The glorious spirit of abounding youth glows throughout this fascinating tale…As a picture of the daily existence of what we call loosely ‘college men,’ this book is as nearly perfect as such a work could be…It could have been written only by an artist who knows how to balance his values, plus a delightful literary style.”

New York Times

“A truly amazing first novel—original in structure, extremely sophisticated in manner, and adorned with a brilliancy that is as rare in American writing as honesty is in American statecraft.”

H. L. Mencken

“Bears the impress of genius…Splendid and fascinating.”

Chicago Tribune

“Animated with life.”