Destroying Angel
Richard Paul Russo

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Narrated By: Kristoffer Tabori

Duration: 9 hours and 2 minutes

What to expect

This electrifying cybershock thriller by a Philip K. Dick Award–winning author takes listeners on a terrifying ride through the gritty, neon-lit streets of a future San Francisco.

Beyond the future shock of Blade Runner, a new breed of killer is born …

In mid-twenty-first-century San Francisco, a group of corpses is found chained together on the bottom of the bay. Retired police officer Louis Tanner must find the killer among a city full of serial murderers, cyborgs, and streetwise kids. This first book in the Carlucci series introduces famed police lieutenant Frank Carlucci.


Science fiction, Science fiction

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“Russo has the wit and integrity to play against our cliché-honed expectations…He is likely to be surprising—and illuminating—us for a long time to come.”

Michael Bishop, award-winning science fiction writer

“Moves at a brisk, steady pace guaranteed to keep the pages turning.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Lean, mean, and compelling.”

Desert News (Salt Lake City)

“A truly gripping story.”