I Dared to Call Him Father
Bilquis Sheikh

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Narrated By: Lorna Raver

Duration: 7 hours and 5 minutes

What to expect

How do I give myself to God completely? What happens when I do? This is a book for everyone who has ever asked these questions.

I Dared to Call Him Father is the fascinating true story of Bilquis Sheikh, a prominent Muslim woman in Pakistan who faced these questions at the crossroads of her life and found the astonishing answers. Her unusual journey to a personal relationship with God turned her world upside down—and put her life in danger—as a series of strange dreams launched her on a quest that would forever consume her heart, mind, and soul.

Originally published in 1978, the book has sold 300,000 copies and is a classic in Muslim evangelism.


Biography: religious and spiritual, Christianity, Religious mission and Religious Conversion, Islam

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I Dared to Call Him Father is a fascinating autobiography that challenged me in my walk with God. How many of us would be true to our faith if we knew that embracing Christianity could be our death sentence?”