Girls with Games of Blood
Alex Bledsoe

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Narrated By: Stefan Rudnicki

Duration: 8 hours and 22 minutes

What to expect

Old World vampire Baron Rudolfo Zginski, staked in 1915 Wales, rises anew in 1975 Memphis. Through a group of modern vampires, including the beautiful perpetual teenager Fauvette, he has learned to navigate this new era and prepares to reclaim his former wealth and power. But fresh dangers lurk in this society of funk, fast cars, and racial tension. A celebrity sheriff cheated by Zginski becomes obsessed with revenge. Fauvette and Leonardo, another young vampire, begin to question his leadership. And two mysterious vampire sisters, who have nursed a lethal grudge since the Civil War, converge on Zginski. One is dark and serious and can draw energy without killing; the other is light, scheming, and without a conscience. Zginski must use all of his wits and vampiric powers if he is to survive the girls with their games of blood.


Horror and supernatural fiction

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Praise for Alex Bledsoe’s Blood Groove:

“I love vampire stories, and when one’s as new and fresh as Blood Groove, it’s just plain delicious, one very sweet read.”

Whitley Strieber, New York Times bestselling author

“Bledsoe captures Tennessee’s seamy side.”

Publishers Weekly

“Written with a wild concoction of dark humor and horror, Bledsoe has come up with a fabulous sequel to the equally compelling prequel Blood Groove.”

Patricia's Vampire Notes

“Bledsoe has admirably resurrected the Memphis of thirty-five years ago for this story. The intricate plot is peopled with fully developed characters. Definitely one of the better vampire novels lately.”