Woman Lit by Fireflies
Jim Harrison

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Narrated By: Ray Porter, Carrington MacDuffie, Lorna Raver

Duration: 8 hours and 12 minutes

What to expect

Across the odd contours of the American landscape, people are searching for the things that aren’t irretrievably lost, for the incandescent beneath the ordinary. An ex-Bible student with raucously asocial tendencies rescues the preserved body of an Indian chief from the frigid depths of Lake Superior in a caper that nets a wildly unexpected bounty. A band of sixties radicals, now approaching middle age, reunite to free an old comrade from a Mexican jail. A fifty-year-old suburban housewife flees quietly from her abusive businessman husband at a highway rest stop, exploring the bittersweet pageant of the preceding years within the sanctuary of an Iowa cornfield. The Woman Lit by Fireflies is a sweeping tribute to the nation’s heartland and the colorful, courageous people who inhabit it.


Short stories, Fiction: general and literary, Fiction: general and literary

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“A talented writer who understands the human heart…exciting and impressive.”

New York Times Book Review

“A luminous, satisfying collection. Harrison has a powerful imagination…these sharp and surprising stories will outlive most of us.”

USA Today

“A compelling sense of movement and character, prose marked by clarity and beautifully eclectic erudition, ribaldry, and humor…a haunting, gifted writer who can’t be shoved into any category.”

Los Angeles Times

“Harrison has a narrative voice that fairly defies the reader to ignore it…For Harrison, life is a story, and it’s the one that he can tell with the best of them.”

Washington Post Book World

“A brilliant tour de force…Jim Harrisonat his peak: comic, erotic, and insightful.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“The three novellas in this production depict vastly different landscapes of the human heart…Porter is eminently believable as the tough, hard-drinking B.D., whose strong timbre is filled with intensity [in Brown Dog]…Harrison’s poetic side paints a vivid thriller in Sunset Limited, narrated by Carrington MacDuffie…[who] strikes just the right unaffected yet expressive tones while narrating this compelling tale…Lorna Raver’s delivery resonates with Clare’s gentle strength as she reflects upon her past [in The Woman Lit By Fireflies].”


“Much in these tales will satisfy and occasionally surprise Harrison’s fans.”