Shattered Air
Bob Madgic

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Narrated By: Anthony Heald

Duration: 8 hours and 14 minutes

What to expect

On the evening of July 27, 1985, five hikers made a fateful choice to climb Yosemite's fabled Half Dome, even as the sky darkened and thunder rolled. By night's end, two would be dead from a lightning strike, three gravely wounded, and desperate EMTs would be overseeing a harrowing midnight helicopter rescue.

Shattered Airis a haunting account of recklessness, tragedy, courage, and rescue, a book whose depiction of Nature's power is tempered by unforgettable portraits of human courage and the will to survive. Listeners are sure to walk away with a newfound respect for lightning—and nature in general—after hearing this incredible true story.


Climbing and mountaineering, Biography: adventurers and explorers, Religion and beliefs

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“A sobering and compelling story…Brilliant.”

Outdoor Guide

Shattered Air is a ‘must-read’ book.”

Sierra Club News

“A well-written and thoroughly investigated account…[Madgic’s] contribution to the adventure category is at once a terrifying story and an urgent cautionary tale.”

Publishers Weekly

“Anthony Heald’s slightly husky voice is perfect for this outdoor horror story. He adds foreshadowing when describing the gathering clouds, quickens the pace during the storm, and injects personality into the follow-up interviews. Listen and be educated, entertained—and cautioned.”


“A penetrating account of this tragedy.”